Sat 1st October 2022

I met with Charlotte and Ron via Zoom in the Summer to chat with them about their church and using the Freedom In Christ course.

Mon 15th August 2022

With September just round the corner, we have our next seasons online courses for leaders.

Fri 24th June 2022

We have a huge heart to see EVERY generation embrace Jesus' freedom, but we can't do it without your financial support!

Thu 23rd June 2022

At Freedom in Christ, we believe we are on the cusp of launching something really quite incredible and truly transformative - even if we do say so ourselves!

Wed 1st June 2022

James and Beth are our National Leaders in Poland, and they have some seriously exciting news to share, but before we get to that, it's worth sharing a little of their back-story.

Sat 30th April 2022

I’m used to hearing excuses. Being a Dad to three, um, let’s go with “energetic”, children gives me pretty fair exposure to them, and they are masters of the genre.

Thu 31st March 2022

Alan and Alice have been working furiously to bring the Freedom In Christ message to Estonia!  We had a chat with them to find out the video here - 


Thu 24th March 2022

We have just finished our online courses so it's now time to start registration again for the next online courses for leaders.

Mon 31st January 2022

Well, January has seen us start the New Year at pace.

Tue 11th January 2022

As all of our ministry revolves around prayer as a vital foundation, we have multiple ways in which we pray and request prayer.

Thu 16th December 2021

Are you looking for a lovely card to send or perhaps some postcards to fill a frame?

Wed 24th November 2021

During the past year we have been running various courses online for leaders.