Thu 23rd April 2020

The 2019 TRANSFORM Europe & Middle East Cohort, on retreat in Albania before the Coronavirus lockdown.

Tue 7th April 2020

All five videos from our "How To..." series on Remote Discipleship in one place!

Tue 7th April 2020

We've released three more vidoes in our series on "Remote Discipleship": Zoom 101, Claiming Host, and using Breakout Rooms.

Fri 3rd April 2020

In our latest video on "Remote Discipleship", members of the UK Team look at how we can use Zoom and FreedomStream for small group discipleship:


Fri 27th March 2020

We are delighted to announce that Petr Kácha has been appointed as the National Co-Ordinator for the Czech Republic.

Thu 19th March 2020

"Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another..." Hebrews 10:25

Wed 26th February 2020

We’re delighted to announce that Ana Alice Coehlo has just been appointed as the National Co-Ordinator for Brazil.

Sat 15th February 2020

Each year the Freedom In Christ UK Team gather together.

Tue 28th January 2020

 Now, this is seriously exciting. For the first time EVER, the Freedom In Christ course (or better put Cwrs Rhyddid Yng Nghrist) is being piloted in Welsh!

Wed 15th January 2020

The Freedom message is taking root throughout the world, and with a brand new translation on the cusp of publication, no more so than in Poland!

Fri 13th December 2019

We're building our team to proclaim Jesus' freedom across the southwest, lead by our new Regional Co-ordinator, Art Moore.

Thu 12th December 2019

Claudette Bennett, our National Co-Ordinator for Jamaica, has been in post for a year, and we thought it was time we introduced her to you! She writes: