Rob & Bex Jumped Out of a Plane

Last year, Rob asked me to jump out of a plane with him, at the time I received the text I did a huge intake of breath as heights are NOT my favourite thing but in the interest of doing something that was a personal challenge to me, I foolishly agreed!! After three failed attempts due to the weather, we finally managed to get up in the plane and get thrown out of it!! Hurtling to the ground at 125mph for 30 seconds, then trusting in our parachutes to get us down safely for the rest of it. Thankfully, my instructor could see I was nervous, so kept checking in with me and going through the process. Unlike Rob's instructor who showed up and said it was his first jump...of that day (phew!), he was an absolute joker but made us laugh throughout our safety drill. You might be asking yourself why we would jump out of a perfectly good plane but we are so passionate about Freedom In Christ, seeing how lives have been transformed by the ministry was all that went through my mind when I started to freak out!

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