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We're praising God here at Freedom In Christ UK, because over the last year 600 Christian leaders from all walks of life have taken advantage of our free, Online Courses for Leaders. We started them very much as a response to the pandemic, but the feedback we have received has been so encouraging we think they are a flavour of things to come. This Autumn, starting in September, we will be offering both the Freedom In Christ Course and Freed To Lead, online, for free, for leaders.

Of course, we're not out of the pandemic yet. For many of us involved in leadership it might feel like we've just completed one marathon, only to be told to start another as we contemplate what a largely vaccinated, virus-hit, but no-restrictions in place, normal might look like. In the face of such challenges, there really is no better way to press into all...

TRANSFORM is an unparalleled opportunity for Christian leaders to dive deep into the personal freedom, fruitfulness and transformation Jesus has for them - at a time when the context and circumstances of leadership are incredibly challenging. 

It's a committment - praying, studying and meeting together every week for the best part of 10 months, we recommend you set aside 4 hours a week to get the most out of it. But if you're responsible for strategic vision and direction in your church, organisation or ministry, TRANSFORM will, well, as it says on the tin, transform your leadership.

There are three stages, to TRANSFORM - Reposition, Retune and Refocus. The first seeks to ground your identity in Jesus and deal with anything that's holding you back personally. The second, Retune, begins to apply your new found freedom more specifically to your leadership adventure, and the contenxt within which you lead, before finally, in Refocus, we unpack what it...

Stephen Cheah, Area Director for Asia-Australasia is delighted with the progress that has been made by the team translating Freedom in Christ resources into Chinese. So far we have:

  • The 13-week Freedom In Christ Course videos are available with Traditional Chinese subtitles
  • The Grace Course and Freed To Lead videos are available with Simplified and Traditional Chinese subtitles
  • The Grace Course Leader’s Guide and Participant’s Guide have been translated into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • Free to Be Yourself, Book One of Steve Goss’s Discipleship Series, is available in Simplified Chinese on Amazon

And there's more to come, with plans to film the Freedom In Christ course in both Cantonese and Mandarin. 

Please do pray for all those involved in these projects - it's a tonne of work! - and pray that it bears much fruit.


After a lot of hard work Ole, our National Leader in Norway, and his team are delighted to finally have the Freedom in Christ Course published in Norwegian. It’s great timing as Ole has just moved into a new role. He writes:

“I have a new job at P7 Christian National Radio in Norway and will be working in radio and TV production. We are planning to make a devotional series based on the Freedom in Christ message and I think this will be a great opportunity for Freedom In Christ in Norway. As we don't have a new pastor in our church in Hamar yet, I'm still doing some work there, but someone will be stepping in for me until we have a new pastor. Hopefully we will have finished the transition by April so that I can focus fully on the new ministry and Freedom In Christ from then.”

It's a new year, and there's been some exciting new appointments within our International Leadership Team to share with you.

The International Leadership Team is made of Area Directors and others with particular roles, and is led by Steve Goss. Now, this might begin to sound a bit like a cabinet re-shuffle (remember those?!) but bear with us, because we want to introduce you to some awesome new folk who help shape how we "Go and Make Disciples of ALL Nations". It's all change for Freedom In Christ in Africa in particular. Here goes!

Howard and Aileen  Ostendorff (pictured) were our first Africa Directors. They've done an amazing job. Steve says, "We have seen unprecedented growth in Africa under the leadership of Howard and Aileen. When they courageously took up the challenge to be our first Africa Directors and moved to Kenya to do it, our objective was that they should replace...

"This is such a brilliant course and I am learning so much - I wish I had done it before my first charge. I had a very difficult time and I believe that if I had done this course prior to taking up the charge or even during it – there would have been a very different outcome.  I can't stress highly enough the value of this course!!  Because of it I now feel that I am more prepared and more confident to go into my next charge. I am so grateful to be doing it now. God’s timing is always perfect!"
Church of Scotland Minister - Freed To Lead Online Oct-Dec 2020

During the Coronavirus pandemic we have been running Freedom In Christ and Freed To Lead, two of our discipleship courses, online for leaders. It's been a fantastic opportunity for leaders to come together and invest in their own discipleship journey and leadership. Afterall, we can only lead others to the extent we are also...

Why not proclaim freedom this Christmas to all your friends and family with some Freedom In Christ Christmas Cards?!

You'll be supporting our efforts to extend the freedom message to every generation, every nationality across every region of the UK and beyond, as well as sharing a valuable message of hope and freedom in a time of despair and lockdown! You can buy them in packs of 12 or as individual cards - click here to buy now.

Each of the four designs has a greeting and a scripture, and includes an envelope. The four designs are:

Love Came Down: 

  • Greeting: "May God bless you this Christmas and in the year ahead with His love"
  • Bible verse: "The Father Himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God. John 16:27.

Peace On Earth

  • Greeting...