The Freedom In Christ Course | What Leaders Say

Andrew Miles, from Herne Hill Baptist Church, London; Justin Humphreys, from Riverside Church, Exeter; and Andrew Cummings, from Belfast City Vineyard share how the Freedom In Christ course has transformed their discipleship.

Increasingly, new Christians are carrying huge amounts of spiritual baggage, hurts and strongholds. Traditional discipleship material focussing on growth, gifts and giving was not getting through. We still need those crucial foundation studies, of course, but it seems almost impossible for them to find good soil if people do not first deal with deeper issues. In the past year we have used the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course after Alpha and in our evening service. We have seen folk suddenly being propelled forwards at a rate unseen before. This is no weird “see a demon everywhere” course but a very balanced, biblically-based, well-presented course that God is powerfully using. I would not hesitate to recommend it as an immediate follow-on course to Alpha.
Sam Griffiths, Pastor of Wellington Baptist Church, Somerset, and Alpha Regional Adviser

We would highly recommend this course, especially for new Christians. The comments most often received from individuals are: "I wish I had known this when I first became a Christian"; "The teaching is so easy to understand"; "No one has ever explained things this way before.”
Sandra Stark Whitlawburn & Springhall Community Church, Glasgow

One long-standing member said that he had experienced several courses that helped people to become Christians, but this was the first that helped him to be a Christian.
Paul Day, St Luke’s, Eccleston, Merseyside

This has been an excellent resource in our inner city Anglican church where many Christians, young and old, come with heavy loads of emotional baggage. Watching people being set free by the Holy Spirit has been immensely rewarding.
Revd. Arani, Senior Vicar, Emmanuel Church, Southall

The FIC course has given us a framework that has allowed people to examine their history and lifestyle without fear and humiliation and provide a way for them to walk from the shadows into the certainty of their new life in Christ. 
Graham Marsh, Kings Church Eastbourne (New Frontiers)

It has been a great blessing to find a course that combines spiritual development with a powerful healing dynamic and that is equally suited for use in contexts that range from an area of high social deprivation to the more affluent estates.
Canon Steve S Morgan, Christ Church, Merthyr Tydfil,

At the end of the Alpha course, we invited those who had expressed a faith in Christ onto the FIC course along with other members. One Christian who went through the FIC course said it was the best course he had been on in twenty years of being a Christian – high praise! Someone else came on the course after a failed suicide attempt. She had found Christ previously through an Alpha Course and was on medication for depression but made it clear at the outset that the abuse she had suffered previously made it virtually impossible for her to forgive the abusers. Prior counselling, both Christian and non-Christian had allowed her the slack to retain her unforgiveness. During the course she was able to forgive those who had wronged her for the variety of consequences she had suffered. It was a very moving experience.
Steve Moses, Kings Church, Loughborough

A very liberating course that deals with life’s issues in a very practical and sensitive matter. Our church has been greatly blessed.
Billy Fenning, Senior Leader, St Saviour's Elim Church, Reading

I have seen people’s understanding revolutionised, their whole approach to the Christian journey transformed.
Phil Cole, Leader, Bransgore Community Church

The benefits of the FIC Course go beyond the course guests – those they know and meet are affected too. One guest had never told her work colleagues that she was a follower of Christ. After completing the course she shared her story with them and brought many of them to Alpha!
Ben & Beccy Oliver, Kerith Community Church, Bracknell

The course has had a dramatic effect on the life of the church. There is a huge new wave of love, compassion and encouragement amongst us. Some tired old mind-sets have been released and renewed and there have been huge leaps in understanding in those who were open to taking God at His word and running with it. There is a VIBRANT buzz of expectation of Jesus' healing and restoration. I am so excited about what Jesus has done through the course.
Liz Smith, All Saints Church, Burbage.

The FIC Discipleship Course has made a big difference to our church.  It is now a significant part of our nurturing of new Christians and we try and build the Discipleship Course into small group life as much as we can. One of the strengths of FIC materials is that they are based on the fundamental fact that most Christian’s behavioral problems are at root belief problems.  As the truth is brought to individuals and they believe it, they become free.
John Groves, Senior Pastor, Winchester Family Church

We consider the FIC course to be the best material on the market to build Christians up in their walk with Jesus. It encourages personal responsibility and helps people to go deeper with God and discover His blessings. The impact on our church and community has been enormous.
Adrian Pike, Beacon Church, Camberley

The FIC course is among the best I have ever come across. It is solid biblical truth that brings freedom to those who are captive, those of us who have known Jesus for years, or those who have just come to know Jesus personally in recent weeks or months. I would recommend every church leader to do it personally and take as many of their congregation through as they can.
Adrian Lowe, Amblecote Christian Centre, Stourbridge

It has been fantastic to see people grab hold of the truth of who they are in Christ in a fresh way and this course has been a great tool to enable that to happen.
Jim Partridge, Pastor, The King's Church, Mid-Sussex
Every time I run this course, God speaks to me and shows me how I can become more like Jesus.
Geoff Thompson, Pastor, Kingsway Chapel, Chester

It has helped to clarify the gospel; it has challenged and explained things to all of us - "even" those leading the group
Holly Craigs, Hexham Community Church, Northumberland

The Freedom in Christ course has radically changed people's lives. The spiritual hang-ups of who they were have gone, which in turn has affected how they have reached out to others. Jesus becomes real and they are eager to share what the He can do. The course can certainly set your church on fire!
Jackie Leswell (Major), The Salvation Army, Parkstone