Discipleship Series - Church Pack (10 of each)


Many churches have found it highly beneficial to have sets of these four books available for course participants to buy at the start of the course. This church pack makes it easy to do that.

"Steve's books are very accessible and easy to read, yet packed with profound truth. They are full of practical advice about living a victorious christian life. Reading the books will really help 'anchor' the DVD Discipleship Course contents. We'd recommend them as an essential accompaniment to the Course."   (John and Marian Groves, Winchester Family Church).

Usually £7.99 each (that's £319.60 for 40), the pack is just £245 so also provides a way for churches to recoup some of the costs of running the course.

Free to be Yourself (Discipleship Series Book 1)
Win The Daily Battle (Discipleship Series Book 2)
Break Free, Stay Free (Discipleship Series Book 3)
The You God Planned (Discipleship Series Book 4)