The brand new Freedom In Christ Course | 10 weeks. 4 Presenters. Tons of extras.

The Freedom In Christ approach to discipleship will transform the way you help Christians become fruitful disciples.

Focused on firstly establishing every Christian in the sure foundation of their identity in Jesus,it then gives them the tools to break free and stay free from all that holds them back, and a strategy for ongoing transformation.

Completely revised and updated, the brand new edition of the Freedom In Christ course is now 10 weeks of teaching by Steve Goss, Nancy Maldonado and Daryl Fitzgerald, with a ministry component known as the Steps To Freedom In Christ, presented by Steve Goss and Neil Anderson.

With a specially designed App to accompany the course, Extra Teaching Films, a Worship Album produced by Testricity, Leader's Guide, Participant's Guide, and tons of extras, the Freedom In Christ Course offers you everything you need to make disciples who bear fruit, and fruit that will last!