What leaders say

“This empowering material is accessible to those in the very early stages of pursuing life with Christ and yet highly stimulating and challenging for mature believers. I highly recommend it as a key discipleship tool for the whole church. It makes fabulous home group material and is ideal for every discipleship team.”

Lynn Chetcuti
Network Vineyard Church, Reading, UK
"We would like to share with you, now that it has finished, how our Grace Course went.
To put it into one word, it was AMAZING! As the Course progressed, so did the work of the Holy Spirit, session by session, culminating in a wonderful day away. During the last session we were 'blown away' by the groups behaviour after we had finished. Nobody moved for what seemed like ages! No-one wanted to leave the peace of God's presence to go home. When the silence eventually did break, people began to spontaneously share all that the course had meant to them. It really was momentous and wonderful - we will never forget it. Testimonies to what the Lord had done just flowed out, some were life-changing."
Kings Church Kendal, UK

“So many Christians, including myself in the past, have made the Christian life a performance rather than an intimate love relationship. If true revival is to come to our nations, it will start with this message of grace. Want to be refreshed? Then this course is for you.”

Dr. Howard Ostendorff
Ministry leader with Campus Crusade for Christ for 38 years, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA


“The Grace Course deepened people’s sense of identity in Christ and stirred them up to greater love and faithfulness from a point of grace — not obligation or legalism. It spoke powerfully to people in our church from many ethnic backgrounds and life situations. We recommend it highly.”

Revd. Dr. Rodney Woods
City Temple, London, UK


“The Grace Course does a marvelous job in introducing the concept of grace in a simple, engaging and, at times, even humorous way. It is short and to the point, taking an incredibly deep theological issue and making it understandable and practical.”

Dr. Jeff Stam
Set Free Ministries, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA


“Several times during The Grace Course there was the sheer joy of lights being suddenly switched on, and I myself gained many fresh insights into God’s amazing love in Christ. Be prepared for life-changing encounters with God and experience how Bible passages as familiar as the story of the Lost Son can speak in powerful new ways. A truly compelling course.”

Revd. Charles McMullen
West Church (Presbyterian), Bangor, Northern Ireland


“Steve Goss and Rich Miller combine wit and wisdom to resource the 21st century church with essential teaching on spiritual maturity grounded in grace. The Grace Course will inspire you, encourage you and take you to a deeper understanding of the love of God.”

Chris Campbell
Youth specialist and director of Generation Freedom, Bridgeport, West Virginia, USA


“The Grace Course has challenged us to look again at our understanding of grace. It has brought about a heart transformation and released a new spiritual freshness into all areas of our discipleship.”

Major Jackie Leswell
Viewpoint Community Church (Salvation Army), Parkstone, UK

"Unless our discipleship is rooted in God's grace, disciples can be in danger of overly focussing on behaviour modification. For us, the appeal of The Grace Course is its bold emphasis on real spiritual formation and gospel transformation of lives. It brings deliverance from the past and present, whilst also equipping believers with healthy foundations upon which to live out the ‘now’ and ‘not yet’ in God's grace."

Paul Nation
Bournemouth Vineyard Church, UK