Rob Davies

RobRob joined Freedom in Christ UK as our Deputy Director in September 2015 and took over from Steve Goss as Executive Director on 1 September 2016. He is married to Katharine and has three children.

He first encountered Freedom in Christ through the Discipleship Course, which was being run by his local church just as he and his family were preparing to become missionaries to Uganda. In Uganda he was part of a Church Leadership team and helped adapt the teaching for the culture, as well as for children. He loves the freedom message and is excited at how it can have a huge impact in people's lives, irrespective of where they come from in the world, how old they are, or where they've been.

He particularly enjoys walking with UK-based Christians in leadership as they discover, and embrace Jesus' freedom for themselves, as well as developing resources to train and equip more Christians in leadership to make fruitful disciples who are free from all that holds them back.