The Lightbringers - Church Edition Leader's Guide - Freedom in Christ for children

The Lightbringers - Church Edition Leader's Guide

The Lightbringers is a 10-week discipleship course to help children know the truth of who they are and what they have in Jesus. Carefully crafted for two age groups of 5-8 and 9-11 year-olds, it's ideal for small groups, holiday clubs, and Sunday school.

There are two components to The Lightbringers - you need both to run it in your church:

1. This Leader's Guide, which qualifies you for a 25% saving on the cost of second component:

2. The Lightbringers Online Resources, which includes:

  • downloadable video presentations of a story for each age group
  • 11 specially written new songs 
  • fun activity sheets to print out for each sesson and age (including Steps acitivity sheets)
  • a PowerPoint presentation with illustrations for each session
  • A specially written version of the Steps To Freedom called The FreedomTrail.

Once you've purchased this Leader's Guide, we will email you with your 25% discount code for the Lightbringers Church Edition Online Resources, which you can purchase here.

If your church is not planning on using this resource but you would like to use it at home with your family please click here for more details of the online-only Family Edition.