Unlock the Potential of Every Believer in West Africa

Unlock the Potential of Every Believer in West Africa. Pastor’s Living Free in Christ Conference (LFIC), Summer, 2004 Lagos, Nigeria

WATS (the leading Bible College in West Africa) has invited FIC to run a Living Free In Christ conference for pastors in Summer 2004. It believes that the message will have a major impact on the lives and ministries of Pastors and that up to 10,000 will attend.

What Africans are Saying!

"The Need in Africa today is for Trained Leaders!" Rev. Silas Yego, Vice Bishop, Africa Inland Church

"Current methods of training are not able to keep up with the tremendous need for leadership in the African Church today. Africa needs more trainers." Rev. Tite Tienou

"God has opened the doors for His truths through Freedom in Christ to reach the African people and church. Our vision to see 70% of the Evangelical Churches in Africa established in their Freedom in Christ in the next five years. God’s people will need to stand together financially and through prayer if this vision is to be achieved." Dr. Joe Wasmond President – Freedom in Christ Ministries

"West Africa urgently needs the FREEDOM IN CHRIST teaching focus. It has been clear for decades that West Africa is a focal point of spiritual conflict. The result is mass confusion as people often go from one leader to another seeking lasting solutions to their deeply rooted spiritual needs. Yet while hundreds and even thousands of church leaders claim to be well-versed in spiritual warfare there are relatively very few who have discovered the simple secrets of truth encounter that FREEDOM IN CHRIST clearly presents." Dr. Gary Maxey, Provost West Africa Theological Seminary Lagos, Nigeria

Will you participate in this project to reach the nations with the life-changing message of Freedom in Christ Ministries? It will cost $10 to sponsor each of the pastors who are expected to attend.

Donations can be sent to Freedom In Christ Ministries designated 'West Africa Project'.

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