FIC Italia gets underway

Steve Goss writes:

"Zoe and I have been privileged to be in Casorate Primo near Milan over the last couple of days for the first ever meeting of the FIC Italia team (pictured below).

Translation of the FIC Discipleship Course into Italian is well underway and is expected to be finished in May. It will then need to be checked before the layout is done and it goes off for printing. We are hoping that printing will take place in the Autumn.

I have been amazed that over 3,000 Euros has come in for the translation and printing of the Discipleship Course without our having even made the need known. Another 1,800 or so Euros will be needed to complete the project.

One thing that particularly delighted me is that we were able to establish a team of intercessors (below). Prayer has always been fundamental to the impact that FIC has and it always will."

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