Historic decision to adopt new logo worldwide

Up to now, every Freedom In Christ office around the world has had a different logo. That's just the way things developed over the years. They had very little in common with each other except that all of them featured "a flying thing" (usually a bird) that expressed "freedom". Of course, once a country has a logo that it likes and is using widely, it becomes very difficult to change.

At the recent Freedom In Christ Ministries International Council meeting in Malaysia, the topic of logos came up. Steve Goss, International Director, expressed the desire that every country might eventually adopt the same logo. He says, "I realised that that was a dream more than a realistic possibility and I said to everyone that it might be something we could work towards and hope to get to in about 5 years' time. I was amazed in the ensuing discussion when everyone said, 'Why don't we do it now?'"

As it happened, the US office had already commissioned a designer to work on a number of ideas for a new logo for the USA. When they were shown to the Council members, there was unanimous agreement that one of the designs, featuring a kite (a "flying thing"!), would work well. Steve says, "I am so impressed with the humility and leadership that was shown in reaching this decision. It's no easy thing to adopt a new logo - so many things need to be changed - but it's going to be well worth it."

We are proud to unveil the new design formally today. The logo above is for our international body, Freedom In Christ Ministries International, and features the 3 bright colours, cyan, magenta and yellow, that were in the old Freedom In Christ UK logo. Individual countries are free to adopt these colours or to choose their own. The UK has decided to adopt the international logo with no change. Other countries have chosen their own colours.

The original UK logo will not however be lost completely. It is an integral part of the design of the Freedom In Christ Course, Freedom In Christ For Young People and related resources and will remain in that context. In other words, it is the logo of Freedom In Christ the organisation that has changed, not the design of the Discipleship resources.

For information on Freedom In Christ around the world and to see more examples of how different countries have implemented the new design click here.

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