Helping Others Find Freedom In Christ

Using The Steps To Freedom In Christ to help others become fruitful disciples

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is likely to be involved in running The Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course or taking people through The Steps To Freedom In Christ

What's the format?

  • One-day event
  • Or six-session DVD for in-house use

What does it cover?

We have one overriding objective: to give you everything you need to feel comfortable leading someone through the Steps To Freedom In Christ.

You will find it helpful whether you are planning to lead personal freedom appointments or a “Steps Away Day” as part of the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course. It is ideal for those who have themselves been through FIC’s discipleship teaching and now wish to help others as part of a team in their church.

  • Why the primary responsibility for the outcome of the Steps appointment does not lie with you but with the freedom seeker
  • Why your role is not to work out what is wrong and to “fix” it but simply to help the freedom seeker connect to the One who is the “Wonderful Counsellor”
  • How to set up the appointment and manage it effectively
  • What each of the seven Steps is about and how to lead people through them
  • How to help freedom seekers identify faulty beliefs and begin a process of renewing their minds

Crammed with hints, tips and practical experience, the one-day event also gives plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions.

It assumes that participants have been through Freedom In Christ’s Discipleship Course including The Steps To Freedom In Christ and our Making Fruitful Disciples event or DVD.

Comments from people who have been through it:

...Excellent! We go home further informed and inspired and excited about what God is going to do...

...Very balanced, biblical and of God. Praise Him!...

...Very good indeed. I liked the balance of practical insights and logic...

...Excellent overview and confidence building...

...I really appreciated hearing testimonies and tips - so much better than just reading the book...

...Beyond my expectations - very encouraging and exhilarating...

...If only this ministry had been available at the start of my Christian life 32 years ago!...