disciple // samples and downloads

'disciple' consists of 10 teaching sessions, with extras available on the 'disciple' app. Each teaching session is made up of:

  • A Starter Film, which asks an opening question
  • Three 8-12 minute talks, given by each of the presenters, with occasional testimonies
  • Chat and reflect times between talks as you journey together
  • 'Going Deeper' opportunity in the Participant's Guide for between sessions

In addition, the app delivers you a 'daily nugget' that explores some of the teaching themes of the session you've done that week, as well as giving you a Daily Devotional, a tool to create Stronghold Busting and all the Starter Films and Extra Teaching.

Session 1 Starter Film // What do you want from life?

Session 3: A true story // Part 2: Faith is a choice

Session 8: Forgiving from the heart // Part 1: Why should I?

Session 10: Action Story // Part 1: Our incredible mandate

Download a sample of the Leader's Guide

Download a sample of the Participant's Guide