Africa Leaders Conference 2024

In May, Freedom in Christ hosted its first Africa leaders conference in five years in Uganda, bringing together an impressive assembly of leaders from across the continent. The Kenya team came out in force and were joined by representatives from Nigeria, South Sudan, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, and more—a total of nine countries were represented.


The conference was spearheaded by our Africa Area Director, Ibrahim Dikko, Howard Ostendorff, our South and Eastern Africa Coordinator, Josh Shaarda, our National Leader in Uganda and ably hosted by the amazing Uganda Team. The theme was "Stronger Together", with opportunity to explore how each country can grow in prayer, people, provision so see God's plans and purposes fulfilled across the continent. It was also a great time to commission new team members into new roles, including Michael, our new Uganda National Leader, Josh, our new International Head of Resources, and Nyambura, our new Africa Area Prayer Co-ordinator.


The conference kicked off with a vibrant worship session led by a strong Ugandan team of 30. Witnessing Uganda's growth was inspiring—they have embraced the Freedom in Christ material and tailored it to their rural contexts, reaching prisons and churches in the remote areas of North Eastern Uganda. The impact has been remarkable, with many pastors and leaders being transformed through the course and training material.


On the Sunday we split up into 5 teams, and had the opportunity to visit some of the churches and prisons using Freedom in Christ material. It was awe-inspiring and humbling to see the diverse ways God is working through this ministry, touching the lives of different people and communities.


For me personally, attending the conference was a privilege, providing insights on how the UK can support our African counterparts. We engaged in meaningful discussions about setting up websites and exploring various means to seek provision for the vision. The collaboration was incredibly encouraging, particularly the prospect of working closely with the Kenyan team on future projects. This experience has fueled our excitement and commitment to spreading the Freedom message more widely and deeply than ever before!


Rob & Josh

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