Making Fruitful Disciples DVD

Making Fruitful Disciples DVD

A 5-session training DVD (2 DVDs) to equip church teams to make fruitful disciples, not just converts.

Steve Goss unpacks six key Biblical principles that we need to understand and their implications for us as disciples who are making disciples:

  • Disciples know Jesus
  • Disciples know who they are
  • Disciples take the whole of reality into account
  • Disciples know who is responsible for what
  • Disciples know the secret of ongoing transformation
  • Disciples are unstoppable

These are balanced with practical input to equip you to use the tools supplied by Freedom In Christ - such as the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course, Freedom In Christ For Young People and The Steps To Freedom In Christ. The sessions feature interviews with leaders and individuals who have benefited from the approach.

This DVD is ideal for leaders who want to see their people move on much more quickly and anyone who wants to know more about using the Freedom In Christ tools and how to get started with them. Each session is designed to last around 2 hours including discussion time.

The next DVD training pack in this series, Helping Others Find Freedom In Christ (6 sessions), equips you and your team to use The Steps To Freedom In Christ process.

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