What youth leaders say

What youth leaders say

Here are some comments from youth leaders who have used Freedom In Christ For Young People:


The material is excellent, and has been easy to use. We’ve generally used it just as it is, which is rare for us! I now better understand some of the things that God has dealt with in my own life over the last couple of years. I knew that He had set me free from some issues that had been holding me back. I wish I’d done the course ten years ago - I know that I would have been far more effective (not to mention happier!) throughout my early 20s if I’d understood at 18 what I understand now. The church leadership are now planning to do the adult course with the rest of the church next year.

Laura Jane Brown, Chesterfield


Our young people are very urban. We made the seven steps a lot more creative and it worked really well. We had an amazing day, people being freed from all sorts. Loving the course.

Calum Burke, London


We are having the most wonderful time. We are running it at the same time as the adult course and so our youth really feel that, although we have our separate group, we are part of the church as a whole. Some whose parents are in the church are able to talk to them about the course. We have noticed a big change in our youth - they are now so open and honest and desiring to know more of God - they have been more willing to stay in the service to hear preaches. This material really speaks to our young people and has given us the opportunity to discuss things that
may not otherwise have come up.

Louise Upchurch, Sutton


Some evaluation comments from the group at the end of the course were, ‘God has made me grow’, ‘God has changed the direction of my life’, ‘I know now that I don’t have anything to be scared of’ and ‘I know better that God loves me.’ This group are now firmly established as a friendship group and are taking the next family service to share and demonstrate what they have learned. They are clamouring to stay together as a group and carry on meeting like this.

Liz Litherland, Mold