Training for youth leaders

Our heart - and we suspect yours too - is not to run a one-off course for a term but to teach our young people a way of life, to equip them for the rest of their lives.

If you are going to run Freedom In Christ For Young People in your youth group and want it to make a real difference, it is absolutely essential that you "get it" yourself. You may think that you already know the material in the course. However, our experience is that even senior church leaders tell us that they have learned a great deal personally from the main FIC course and we have lost track of the number of people who have said, something like, "If only I had known this 20 years ago." If you don't understand the principles for yourself and know where the course is heading, you won't be able to teach them effectively.

So the first thing we suggest is that you go through the main (adult) teaching and, crucially, The Steps To Freedom In Christ (ideally in an individual appointment). The best way to do this is at a FIC Discipleship Course at your church. If there is no course available to you, the next best option is to watch it on video, listen to it on audio or get hold of the four Discipleship Series books by Steve Goss.

When it comes to understanding how to help young people become fruitful disciples and the practicalities of running FIC For Young People, we suggest you plan to attend a Making Fruitful Disciples one-day equipping event for leaders and youth leaders. This day outlines the Biblical principles behind making fruitful disciples and then shows you how to implement them practically using this course. This is also available on a six-session DVD to train your team in-house.

You will also benefit from attending one of our Helping Others Find Freedom In Christ workshops (also available on DVD for in-house training) which deals specifically with The Steps To Freedom In Christ process.