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The Freedom In Christ course consists of 10 sessions, with an optional Introductory Session, and extras on the App. Each teaching session is made up of:
•   Three Teaching Videos, of between 8-15 mins each.
•   Testimonies to illustrate the main teaching points.
•   Pause For Thought discussion times.
•   Recommended Welcome, Worship and Witness sections.

The App provides the perfect companion to the course, and includes:
•   A "Daily Nugget of Truth" to help you reflect on the teaching between sessions.
•   "Meet the Presenters" film and Extra Teaching films.
•   A Stronghold-Buster-Builder tool.
•   All the scriptures from the Truth Encounter Lists.
•   Introduction to the Worship in Spirit & Truth Album.
•   The Freedom In Christ Daily Devotional.

To find out more about what's in each session, download Session 1 of the Leader's Guide and Participant's Guide:
Download a sample of the Leader's Guide
Download a sample of the Participant's Guide

Introducing the Presenters

Session 2 | Choosing To Believe The Truth | Part B

Session 9 | Relating To Others | Part B

Session 4 | Our Daily Choice Part 1