Could your church host an event?

Could your church host an event?

Hosting a Freedom in Christ event is a great opportunity for key people in your own church to get hold of FIC principles and is a real blessing to other churches in your area (and to us as well!). In fact, you can be sure it will lead to lives being changed as those who attend go back to their churches further equipped to make fruitful disciples.

We have a free two-hour introduction to Freedom In Christ called Strategy For Effective Discipleship that gives leaders a great taste of the Freedom In Christ approach and our main discipleship resources. 

Beyond that we offer three events that serve to equip churches who want to move forwards. You may consider hosting one, two or even all three events over a period of months.

1. Making Fruitful Disciples - this one-day event is our main equipping event for leaders, youth leaders and anyone who may be involved in running a FIC Discipleship Course. It generally runs on a weekday but could also run on a Saturday.

2. Helping Others Find Freedom In Christ - an interactive training day which focuses on the Steps To Freedom process and is aimed at anyone likely to be using the Steps either as an Away Day on a FIC Discipleship Course or in one-to-one appointments

3. Helping Others With Deeper Issues - a two-day workshop which is offered to churches who have already hosted a Helping Others training day and are experienced in using the Steps to Freedom process. It usually runs Friday afternoon & evening and all day Saturday, which enables people to attend it without taking too much time off work.

How does it work?

We take care of logistics such as registrations and national promotion and we make sure your costs and a bit more are covered. Your responsibilites are to promote the event locally (we provide the publicity material) and to take care of the logistics of the day itself.

We really appreciate those who partner with us to spread this life-changing message. We're not so much looking for an all-singing all-dancing venue (you just need to be able to accommodate up to 50 people in relative comfort). We are primarily looking for churches who have a heart to spread the FIC message to others. Is that you?

If you are interesting in hosting an event please contact us to find out more. We'll then send you further information about how it works.