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Why join Bex's Personal Support Team?

At Freedom In Christ UK, we are all missionaries to the UK, fulfilling a vital calling to proclaim Jesus' freedom across the nation and beyond, and helping the Bride of Christ enter into all God has for her.

Like any other missionary a major way our roles are funded is by raising personal support from people who feel called to sow into our ministry. 

Bex is our Communications Manager and is responsible for the crucial job of proclaiming the Freedom In Christ message to all generations and corners of the UK. Read on to find out more about what God has called her to, and how you can be involved.

What's she up to?

Communicate, communicate, communicate! Whether through emails, newsletters or social media, Bex manages all of our communications. In particular, Social Media is a void people get lost in; it can shape and distort reality resulting in people often falling into deception - things like consumerism, new age, or anything really that pushes them away from God, and the freedom Jesus has won for us.

Bex joined us in 2021 to totally shake up our communications, and set social media on fire with the Freedom In Christ message!!

Her heart now more than ever is to share Jesus' freedom, to see young adults saved and stepping into their true identity in Christ.  Freedom In Christ can play a valuable part in that if these young adults know we are here and what God can do through our courses.  We want to use social media as a platform of hope and a power tool for God to use to set more people free!!

Will you partner with her to see more fruit as we get the Freedom message out to every generation and to all corners of the UK?


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