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28th November 2019

Appointed as National Representative and National Prayer Co-ordinator respectively just a year ago, Stuart and Breda Kenny have been developing contacts and presenting the FIC Discipleship message and methods as God has begun to open more and more doors - and hearts - around the country.

Ireland’s population – youngest in Europe with 33% under 25 – continues to grow and secularise as we welcome immigrants from around the world. The growth in size and number of ‘non-Irish’ churches is a significant aspect and we have also been welcomed very positively in a number of them.

Our vision is ‘to see a discipleship mind-set become an integral and permanent part of the structure of every church in Ireland in a relevant, accessible and sustainable manner for the ongoing personal development of believers nationwide and...

22nd November 2019

Our Discipleship Challenge Workshop effectively equips you to disciple young adults - the "missing generation", and we're looking for churches to host us for our 2020 Tour!

Understanding how to fruitfully disciple young adults has to be one of the greatest challenges facing the UK church today - 96% of church leaders consider it their top priority for mission and ministry, but only 11% feel properly equipped to do it.

The Discipleship Challenge Workshop aims to transform that! Expertly lead by trainers who have direct experience of discipling this generation, and underpinned by good quality research, it turns challenges into opportunities...

28th October 2019

This weekend saw us say goodbye to our first cohort of "Freedom Academy" at our final retreat of the 9 month programme.

What's Freedom Academy? Well, working out how to reach and disciple the millennial generation is probably the biggest challenge facing the body of Christ today. We really sense that the amazing teaching and tools of the Freedom message that God has entrusted to us must be handed down to the next generation - and that's not going to just happen automatically. We have to be intentional about it.

And that’s why we set up Freedom Academy; a nine-month programme where we take a small cohort of 20-30’s through all our core teaching really deeply. We cover Disciple, The Grace Course, and Freed to Lead along with extra teaching on discerning God’s voice and reflections. It’s not a course we ‘lead’ - it’s a journey we '...

8 October 2019

We're really excited to announce that after more than five years in the making, KEYS TO HEALTH, WHOLENESS, & FRUITFULNESS is launched today. And most excitingly, all the video-based teaching is availabe for free!

Keys To Health, Wholeness and Fruitfulness is a video-based discipleship course for every Christian, ideal for small groups or individuals. It has eight main sessions, two optional extra sessions, and a ministry component: The Steps To Health & Wholeness.

Join us on an exciting adventure that brings together truth from the Bible and wisdom from the medical world to equip you to be a healthy, whole disciple of Jesus whose life really counts. The course will help you

  • Understand how to look after your whole being – spirit, mind, and body – so that you can be the person God has...

1st October 2019

For several years, Howard, our Director for Africa, and Zemen, our Ethiopian National Representative,  have been working to fulfil the dream of creating a training centre in Addis Ababa for pastors, church leaders and churches to equip them to use the Freedom in Christ materials, to live truths and pass them on to others.

This training centre is now nearing completion! It includes classrooms, dining, dorm rooms and kitchen. It has been functioning as a training centre since January - even as construction was still being completed. In April this year, 21 students attended three weeks training which included the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course, Bible study methods and evangelism.

This group could hardly afford travel to the training but Zemen made sure they could attend. This training opened...

30th September 2019

Earlier this month Samuel, our Portuguese National Director, (on right of picture) and his deputy Helcio, arrived in Mozambique's capital Maputo, after a gruelling overnight flight. Before they even had time to eat breakfast, they were in action, leading a workshop on “Five Principles to Form Fruitful Disciples” to a group of 15 church leaders!

Later that day, after yet another flight, they reached Beira - the city that was so devastated by cyclones earlier this year. The couple who had invited Freedom In Christ to introduce the course, Chis (British) and his wife Maria de Carmo (Portuguese) had done a good job in publicising the event and in preparing the logistics - after 16 years of working in the area, they’re well respected.


30th August 2019

We've designed some brand new Christmas Cards that come in packs of 12 - 3 of 4 different designs for just £3.50.

Each card is A6 in size (105mm 145mm) and contains a bible verse and greeting, and includes an envelope - and you can buy them individually for 50p each too.

The verses and greetings for each card are:

Love Came Down design
Greeting:"May God bless you this Christmas and in the year ahead with His love"
Bible verse:"The Father Himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God. John 16:27.

Peace On Earth
Greeting:"May God bless you this Christmas and in the year ahead with His peace"
Bible verse:"And He...