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Jess Regnart

Jess Regnart first came across Freedom in Christ seeking freedom from her own past 12 years ago and has her own testimony of transformation through using our approach to discipleship. Since then Jess has completed a degree in Theology and is now on the head office team as Director - Every Generation.

Jess comes with over a decade of experience in using Freedom in Christ to disciple all ages. She co-presented and co-wrote ‘disciple’ for young adults and has a huge heart and understanding of the 11-18’s and 20-30’s. She combines that with her experience of working across all generations from those at retirement age to young children and has a passion to see every Church equipped to make disciples. 

Did you know?

All of our speakers are experienced practitioners who take no payment for their services but give their time freely because they just love helping churches make fruitful disciples of Jesus.