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Be a catalyst for global FREEDOM by giving today!

We have a hugely exciting opportunity to help the freedom message take root all over the world - and all over the UK! We would like to invite you to donate today for two different, but connected, projects.

1. Help our International Reps get trained at KL2018

FICM is exploding around the world - watch Steve's video below to discover what's happening in two countries experiencing the biggest revivials right now. 1 million copies of the FIC course are about to be sent into one of those countries - you'll have to watch the video to find out which one! 

It's critical that we train and resource our Representatives. The key way we do that is through our International Gathering, held once every 4 years. As the UK, we would like to raise the funds to help pay for those Representatives that are coming from less developed countries, and help create training videos to ensure the Freedom message can really take root right across the world. The total budget for this project is £43,000 - we would love to raise £12,000 towards it.

The great thing is that thanks to some very generous supporters, every pound donated for this project will be doubled, including any Gift Aid you might be able to add. That means £100 donated will become £250!  

2. Help establish 1 million disciples in freedom and fruitfulness right across the UK 

Secondly, we would like to give you the opportunity to help the freedom message take root throughout the UK! Our vision is to see 1 million free and fruitful disciples stomping across every county of the UK - and we need your help to raise £12,000 to see it happen.

There are 3 main parts to this project

1. Help fund the Freedom! Tour, a nationwide Roadshow which will reach 1,000 leaders. We've already visited 12 locations, and have a total of 30 events in the diary with more planned if we have the funds to do it.

2. Help fund a major revamp of our website. Our website is our major tool for reaching the church in the UK - and it's unfortunately fallen behind the times somewhat. We want to make it mobile friendly, more appealing and easier to find what you're looking for. The great news is that we have a wonderful developer ready to work for 25% of his normal rate - meaning every £1 you donate is worth 4 times as much!

3. Help fund the development of the Freedom Fellowship into a fully-fledged training platform for those implenting the Freedom appraoch to discipleship.    

Your contribution towards these projects will be hugely appreciated, and will make a massive difference! You can choose which project to give to below, or give to both and your donation will be split 50/50.

Thank you so much being a catalyst for global freedom!

Be a catalyst for freedom in 2018!

Splitting your donation 50/50 is selected below as default. If you would like to choose between the projects please click in the box below and select the one you would like to donate to.

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